Single mode to Multimode fiber converters

Have you come across a situation where you are stuck with singlemode cable and multimode converters and you have to establish fast ethernet communication ?

You can’t relay multimode cable or replace the multimode converters supplied with singlemode converters – What do you do ?

Well, you can install singlemode to multimode converters. These are active devices with two SFP slots that take a MM 100FX SFP on  one  and a SM 100FX SFP on the other. Hook up the LIU end with a SM patchcord to the singlemode SFP and the MM SFP to the MM media converter with a Multimode patchcord and power on the converters…Your link should be up and running !!

A smart way to get around cable and converter mismatches. Want to know more about our products and services ? Please visit We are all about passive and active fiber optic products.


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