The Cabling Conundrum – Cable tagging

Very often we come across installations where OFC cabling is completed but not properly tagged. This creates problems after splicing with either wrong cables in the right rack/panel or the right cable in the wrong rack/panel.  How do we get over this problem –

Here are a few tips:

a. Using Labels:

Adopt a simple cable tagging code from which you can figure out the origin of the cable say  three 6F Single mode cables laid between the Main Control Room(MCR) and Remote Panel/s -1, 2, 3(RP1, 2, 3).

At the MCR, just tag  the cable RP1_SM_6F, RP2_SM_6F & RP3_SM-6F

At the Remote Panel/s just tag the cable MCR_SM_6F_1, MCR_SM_6F_2 & MCR_SM_6F_3 respectively at the three remote panels

b. Using colours:

In the above example assign colours to each of the Remote Panels say Red, Yellow, Blue for RP1, RP2 & RP3. Tape the cable ends Red, Yellow & Blue using colour insulation/duct tape.

Just deciding on any of the above tagging methods based on the number of cables to ensure easy identification will save lots of time & effort in resolving communication issues without having to reroute cables and redo splicing.

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