Bend Insensitive fibre also known as less bend sensitive fibre

With the rapid deployment of FTTx solutions, the need for Bend insensitive fibre is rising.  Sharp corners and bends make it impossible for standard 652D fibre to be used because any 90 degree bend can cut off the light. The G.657 fibre is special in the sense that during a bending the most of the stray light goes back into the fibre core making it possible for it to be deployed in tight spaces with small bend radius.

The variants in the bend insensitive fibre are the following:

G.657.A.1/2/3 are backward compatible with G.652.D and support Multiplexed transmission in the 1310-1625nm wavelength region and are available with bend radii of 10mm, 7.5mm and 5mm respectively.

G.657.B.1/2/3 are not designed to be backward compatible and have a specified attenuation at 1310 nm, 1550 nm and 1625 nm, but not at intermediate wavelengths. They are available in 7.5mm and 5mm radii versions.

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